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  • metallizzazione acciaio
  • thermal spraying processes
  • thermal spraying object
  • thermal spraying object
  • process of thermal spraying
  • steel thermal spraying
  • thermal sprying
  • thermal sprying
  • thermal sprying steel object
  • processi di thermal spraying
  • processi di thermal spraying



Specialized in thermal spraying

Metval, with over fifty years of experience in the field of thermal spraying, has consolidated its position over the years, initially as a builder of automatic plants and today as a reliable specialized third-party account.

Our headquarters in Talamona (SO) is the heart of our operations, where we perform thermal spraying processes such as:

  • Thermal spraying with wire (gas and electric arc);
  • Plasma thermal spraying coating;
  • HVOF coatings (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel).

In addition to the above-mentioned surface coatings, we offer pre-spraying mechanical processes and surface finishes such as grinding, polishing, and lapping of the coating.

Our experienced staff works with a wide range of spraying materials, including metals, ceramics, and carbides, to meet the specific needs of our customers. We use established and carefully monitored processes to ensure high, repeatable and durable performance of our coatings.

Metval has been ISO 9001 certified since 2010, a recognition of our dedication to quality and operational excellence. We primarily operate in the automotive component manufacturing (spare parts and OEM), ball valve production, mechanical textiles, pumps, wire processing, and welding component sectors.

Our extensive experience allows us to meet the specific requirements of each sector in which we operate. We have an in-house laboratory dedicated to the micrographic analysis of coatings.

Choosing Metval means relying on a well-established, efficiency-oriented entity capable of providing reliable and automated processes in the field of thermal spraying.