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Metval’s experience and expertise, developed over many years, guarantee efficient and monitored thermal spraying processes. Our specialization in well-defined applications of thermal spray coatings ensures quality combined with competitive prices.


At Metval, we employ the following thermal spraying processes: flame spraying, plasma spraying, HVOF, and electric arc, primarily for mechanical wear-resistant applications.

Flame Spraying (Wire Metallization)

Wire metallization or flame spraying was the first thermal spraying technique to be used, especially to restore original dimensions of worn parts and for anti corrosion coatings.
Wire metallization means for Metval first of all molybdenum coatings, which are used mainly in the automotive industry to withstand mechanical wear. In this process thermal energy is obtained from the combustion of combustible gas and coating material is in form of wire.

Plasma Spraying

In the case of air or atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) thermal energy comes from a plasma obtained by superheating an inert gas. Coating material is in form of powder.
Metval carries out plasma spraying of ceramics (oxides) to withstand mechanical wear or obtain thermal barriers. Main industries served are: pumps, textiles and drawing.

HVOF Process (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)

HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) process – thanks to the higher impact velocity of coating material onto the substrate – allow to obtain coatings with improved features in comparison to other spraying techniques especially with regard to bond strength and density. Thermal energy is obtained by combustion of gas or liquids and coating material is in form of powder.
Metval carries out HVOF coatings of carbides (tungsten and chromium) and other metallic materials mainly for the valves (metal to metal seal) and pumps industries.

Arc Spraying (Electric Arc Metallization)

Electric arc metallization uses electric energy to melt coating material which is in form of wire.
Metval utilizes this technique to spray bronze, steel and nickel.

Applications and Advantages

Thermal spray metallization finds various applications, from molybdenum coatings on vehicle transmission components to metal-to-metal seals with tungsten and chromium carbides for valves, and ceramic coatings for pump components, textile machines, and welding tools. In general, coatings serve purposes such as mechanical wear resistance, electrical insulation or conduction, thermal barriers, and dimensional restoration.

Metval goes beyond thermal spray metallization, also offering in-house mechanical processes and surface finishes (grinding, polishing, and lapping of coatings) to ensure quality control and rapid delivery times.

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